Rider Symmetry Assessments

Individual, group and clinic sessions available

A rider symmetry assessment identifies and corrects rider imbalances and asymmetries, therefore improving horse and rider performance.

A session includes:

• Mounted and unmounted rider symmetry assessment

• Education regarding treatment aims

• Provision of exercise program

• Before and after photos and videos

• Access to physiotherapy treatment

Totally unmounted rider symmetry assessments are also available either at the clinic or on site.


Laura visited my yard to assess and work with a pupil of mine. She was great at finding the root of Abi’s positional problems, working with her off the horse before then remounting and then showing great results and improvement in her position when back in the saddle. Super follow up and homework given to Abi.

Claire Dodson

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Laura. I always knew I was unlevel and twisted in the saddle but hadn’t been able to improve it. After one session and lots of homework I can really feel the difference. Thank you.